CAD Design & Analysis

Since the introduction of Computer-aided design, or CAD, design work that once used pen and paper now uses computers.  CAD software has replaced traditional drawing practices with a process that is faster, more accurate, and more versatile than any of its predecessors.  Modern day engineering has been revolutionized by the ability to now design in a digital two or three-dimensional space.  Prior hand drawn maps and blueprints can now be scanned and expanded upon digitally.  Communication is simpler and less stressful due to the easy sharing properties.  While working on complex projects, our staff can even establish a resource library, allowing for the storing and reference of certain projects.

By making use of Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Civil3D software and Google’s SketchUp software, EcoReliant’s project engineers are able to develop top quality two and three dimensional drawings and carry out intricate site analyses.  Services include but are not limited to:

  • Plan sets (including site layouts, profiles, details, etc.)
  • Volume computations
  • Cross sectional analyses
  • Importing/Exporting of Topographic Surveys
  • Surface Modeling (including potentiometric, final contouring, etc.)
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Geotechnical modeling
  • Grading
  • Map production and creation
  • Three-Dimensional Model Design
  • Three-Dimensional Animation Analysis
  • Model analysis
  • Visual analysis

If you have projects requiring any of the above listed services, or if you have general questions about our abilities with Autodesk and Google software, call us now at 859.813.2699 or email us by clicking the button below.



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